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Learn through play

Do you know that play is children work?

Yes, it is! Children’s daily activities must always include play since they are learning through play. It is through playing that they learn to interact, to share, to trust and take turns.

Play is also children’s work. They need to be occupied with a lot of play time as they learn to explore their environment to be able to increase their knowledge about the world.

Dewey, a great philosophy in education suggested that children in school should be given the opportunity to do a lot of hands on activities and not to be planted at their seats as exercised in the traditional classroom. Children should be given tools and proper place to explore build their own knowledge.

To parents who have young children, do not feel bad if your kid does not know how to read when they are 5 or 6 years old, or even 7 years old. They have learned a lot of other things at preschool and preschool/kindergarten is not only for academic purposes but only to build your kid’s character through playing.

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