Our Children, Our Future

Is Sleeping A Routine

Many young parents are not aware that sleeping is a routine. They tend to allow their children to sleep according to their schedule without even realising the damage they are actually doing to the children. This has resulted in some parents having difficulty getting their children up and ready for school. Children come to school crying and tired. These children are not only stressed but they will not also learn in school. Hence it is very important that parents actually realise that sleeping is also an important routine like eating.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder discovered that when babies and young children are sleeping, their brain is busy building and strengthening connections between the left and the right hemisphere of the cerebrum.  These thick connections facilitate communication between the 2 hemispheres.   Another study was done in October 2013 linked intelligence to well-connected brain hemispheres.  As children older, connections that were formed during childhood, serve as the basis to lay down more complex neural connections throughout the individuals’ life.  Having both brain hemispheres symmetrical and well connected is the key to maximizing learning, memory and creativity  (Bergland, 2013).

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