Science of the Mind

Merdeka: Psychology of Patriotism

It is the eve of Malaysia’s 61st Independence Day. How time flies yet 61 is still a young age.

And it believed that by celebrating Independence day, we are being patriotic and showing our patriotism. But what causes patriotism?

It is the strong needs for belonging that  leads us to be patriotic. It is for human survival that influence us to show our patriotism, for the fulfillment of belonging needs makes us stronger to survive. That leads us to be patriotic.

We might not be aware how patriotic we are until the country that we are raised in and living in is in a great danger. When we feel that any harm in this country is a direct harm to us, that is when we have the patriotism in us. We may also be very patriotic when we travel outside our country and came to know that this country is in a hardship.

So, is being patriotic healthy and good?

Yes it is, and it is human nature to be patriotic.


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