Baseline Study for OUM Academic Staff Planning & Development

Institute of Quality Management (IQM) headed by Assoc Prof Dr Norlia together with the HRM have invited a few academic staffs to discuss on specific items to be included in a questionnaire that will be distributed to academics to know our planning and development as staff of OUM. The meeting was held on 25th October 2018 from 9.00am to 12.30pm at Bilik Seminar Kenanga, HQ.

En Farid from HRM was also presented in the meeting since IQM wants HRM to be aware of their plans for staff development.

Academics put their heads together to discuss on the appropriate constructs and items to be included in the survey form which comprises of our day-to-day responsibility as well as any ad-hoc or unplanned activities that need our expert advice or suggestions.

Among the academics who were attending the meeting were:

From CBM

  1. Dr Jeannot bin Abdul Karim
  2. Dr Chiam Chooi Chea
  3. Pn Tuan Fatma Tuan Sulaiman

From CAS

  1. En Azmi Che Leh
  2. Pn Suhaila Abdul Hamid


  1. Pn Mahani Abdul Malik
  2. Pn Norfardillawati Musa
  3. Pn Norazzila Shafie
  4. Dr Wirawani Kamarulzaman

The meeting went well and everyone was contributing their ideas.

We hope for the best ya.

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