你好吗 ? (nǐ hǎo ma)? -Chinese Tone Drill


Good morning,

Yesterday, I have introduced to you all on “你好吗 ? (nǐ hǎo ma)?”, today I would like to continue with this same phase, but the focus will be on the tone for this phrase.

The Mandarin tone change rules for this phrase is as follow:

“When a 3rd tone is followed by another 3rd tone, the first one becomes 2nd tone.”

For example: 你好(nǐhǎo => níhǎo).

Hence, when you pronounced this phrase, you will have to pronounce as:



Ok, I hope I you can remember this rule. You may practice to pronounce this phrase with your friend which is native speaker.

Till, then,

谢谢 (Xiè xie) – Thank you

再见 (Zài jiàn)  – Good bye




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