Planning your work: How do we get things done?

We are always so occupied with work and other responsibilities, but how do we manage to do our work and get things done?

Here are some tips recommended by a famous author Richard Templar (2011),

1. Write list

It would be helpful for you if you could make time to write a list of things on one sheet of paper, or, in your hand phone where we can get a lot of apps for listing down things. You may put your list into three different categories

  • something really quick and easy
  • something you’ll enjoy
  • something you’ve already done

It is okay not to list the hard and difficult things yet, but once you have this list and you have done the things in your list, you will feel that you have achieved something, and then you may work on a different list that include all the challenging tasks.

2. Visualise the finish thing

It does work sometimes to visualise the finish of the work that you have not done. For example, if you need to iron a lot of clothes and you feel so lazy to do it, perhaps you can visualise everything is done and how does it feels?

It does feel good to have things done, right? But you know that visualising does not help the work done by itself, it should motivates you to do the work. Then, take those steps to make it done as you have visualised ya!

All the best 😉


Templar, R. (2011). How to get things done without trying too hard. Boston: Pearson


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