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Be Professional…Stay Professional

Earlier today, during the staff assembly, the Deputy Vice President spoke about professionalism in workplace. That has made me think: with incidents we encountered every day, it is best to stay focused on being professional all the time in the workplace.

There are a number of situations where professionalism is usually underrated, however, I’d like to highlight a few of them as follows:

  • Don’t be a grump

Sometimes something at home or outside the workplace has made us feel angry or upset. Let it be our kids were not tidying their room, or the spouse just share a bad info, do not bring that feeling to the workplace. Leave it outside the office door. Once the office hour is finished, then we can always go back to that feeling.

  •  Watch what you say

Swearing or cursing is definitely should not ‘exist’ in the workplace.  If we think it is okay for people to curse at you, then probably you are okay to curse at people, still, that does not reflect professionalism.

  • Always fight fair

This point relates to the above. It is unavoidable to have disagreement in the workplace. As humans, we always think that we are always right as compared to the other person. However, when it comes to noticing that we are not, it is unnecessary to be angry, and it is unacceptable to scream/shout/raise your voice in the workplace, nor is slamming the door or calling names. If we really believed in what we think, all we have to do is explain our opinions/stands calmly and be ready to walk away if we cannot persuade the other person, or she/he starts to lose control.

  • Be on time

Always be punctual for punctuality is not all about only being on time, but also about respecting our own commitments.



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