Distance Learner

Distance Learner … An Island in Deep Blue Sea

distance learner an island in deep blue sea

Vacationing in Pulau Besar, one of the wondrous islands of Johor state in South China Sea, I was mesmerised with its silky sandy beaches, gorgeous tropical floras and calmness of the clear waters. It was a splendid boat ride to the island through breezy winds. The beautiful island floated majestically in the ocean. As I arrived at the jetty, I was welcomed by little yellow and black stripped fishes and sleek long eels swimming charmingly around the corals. The island has numerous fun activities for energetic tourists such as exploring beaches, snorkeling, island hopping and trekking in rain forest trails.

While enjoying the breathtaking view of the beautiful island in the deep blue sea, a philosophical thought came to my mind how distance learner relates to an isolated island. Being an island learner in the deep sea of learning, one will bound to face the pressure as one dives in. However, like any beautiful island there are unlimited treasures to be explored or I would say for the craving minds to mine. The journey will definitely be amazing at every step or swim. It will teach us to find resources for survival, to set our goals for motivation, and to create wisdom. These literally bundles to invaluable experience for the learner to cherish it.

In summary, an island learner is someone who is determined to overcome ones’ own challenges in the voyage at the same time equipping the survival skills in the education ocean.

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