Early Childhood Simulation Lab at OUM Learning Centres

5e127b62-c7a7-4174-a772-906e47cb4042 (1)Early childhood setting can be defined as a well-designed early childhood environment that support children’s overall development. Like adults, all children have needs and interest. Thus, some critical aspects of early childhood setting design should be considered to meet individual needs of each child. If we want a child to be successful, a good physical environment that supports his or her development and learning is essential. This can be seen through the spaces we arrange for young children that offer variety of developmentally appropriate materials. These materials will contribute to provide nurturing home-like settings, as well as the interaction of children and adults which enrich the environment as a whole.

At Open University Malaysia (OUM), we have managed to set up 10 early childhood simulation labs at 10 OUM learning centres. These labs offer early childhood students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in which they have learned from early childhood programme in OUM. A well designed early childhood simulation lab at OUM learning centres serves as a physical environment that provides early childhood students real experience in an early childhood setting.  This place offers a number of hands-on experience that promotes the development opportunities for early childhood students who do or will work with young children from birth up to the age of 6 years.

67df12d9-c236-4d56-91c9-82c5b6436d2f (1)Kota Bharu Learning Centre


Shah Alam Learning Centre


Alor Setar Learning Centre

f535e20c-a6e7-4bc6-8999-aff16e5881dfJohor Bahru Learning Centre


Kuching Learning Centre

fd472e90-c240-4de7-9c72-51d25cb518b4 (2)Sandakan Learning Centre

5e127b62-c7a7-4174-a772-906e47cb4042 (1)

Kota Kinabalu Learning Centre

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