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A Visit from the Institute of Educational Management, Ho Chi Minh

On 10 May 2019, a delegation from Institute of Educational Management Ho Chi Minh visited OUM to discuss on potential collaboration in terms of programs offered, research as well as conference partnership.

There were 13 lecturers, including The Head of Psychology Department and Head of Management were involved in the visit. A brief meeting was arranged between OUM and those delegates.

Dr Aliza Ali, the Cluster Chair for Cluster of Education and Social Sciences (CESS) chaired the meeting. Four members of the cluster were selected to attend the meeting based on their relevance to the collaboration, namely Assoc Prof Dr Zahari, Assoc Prof Dr Fatimah, Dr Wirawani and Puan Cik Norazlina. The meeting was held for about 1 hour and ended at 11.30am.

Among the ideas that were brainstormed during the meeting were collaboration in arranging conferences, offering of short courses to students of the institute and their proposal to conduct short courses for their students in OUM.

We hope that those ideas will be realised and more collaborations can be made with other institutions in the future.

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