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Cycle of skill & knowledge (s/k) in the learning process

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Figure 1. Cycle of skill & knowledge (s/k) in the learning process

I’m just wondering, as an educator, my function is to make sure my student achieves my expectation, which I called a learning objective, but at the same time I also think that my student also has their expectation that I called the course learning outcome. Both terms of learning objective and course learning outcome seems to have the same meaning, but it belongs to a different audience. After readings on the meaning of the terms, I summarize the Learning Objective (LO) and Course Learning Outcome as below:

Based on the summary, I synthesised it into a learning process as below. So if LO = Educator’s Expectation (EE) +  CLO = Student’s Expectation (SE) , what will be the output of both?…. Read more at TippingMind

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