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CESS Colloquium 2019


On 12 October 2019, Cluster of Education and Social Sciences (CESS) has organised a colloquium for their postgraduate students to present their research papers. The aims of the colloquium were:

i. To provide a platform for learners to present and discuss their doctoral proposal papers, master project paper reports, concept papers or proposal papers in their respective fields to academics and colleagues;

ii. To create academic networks for intellectual discourse as to produce authoritative and highly credible researchers, hence enhancing OUM’s quality in research and development;

iii. To create a healthy, intelligent discussion environment among learners and academics as well as their peers;

iv. To produce high-confidence, innovative, and critique and critical learners in debating their ideas and at the same time able to absorb and consider the opinions of others according to their study.

There were 30 presenters presented during the colloquium and 25 participants registered joined the event. Congratulations to all presenters and thank you to all participants  and the CESS academic and admin staffs who were working hard to ensure the smooth running and success of the event.



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